Character Design



This is a character sketch made for my thesis game Terra4m.

The goal of this design is to show the diversity of characters with the requirements:

  1. All characters are mercenaries for a mining company.
  2. All characters start with the same base suit.
  3. All characters needs helmet/mask.
  4. Each character need to be different enough that players can find their character easily from a isometric view.
  5. Players can customize their character.

I chose to use tighter suit to show female body features with lighter design.  At the same time, I attached a heavy piece of pauldron.  The strap attached on the pauldron shows that this is not part of the base suit.  The pauldron itself can be used as a sheild, which implies the concept that when the player attaches parts to their character, they may also gain additional abilities.  Also, I want to deliver the message that players’ characters are also a group of scavengers through the mismatching style of the suit and the pauldron.  They travel through the space and grab whatever parts they find to increase their chance to survive and mission success.

Date: Feb. 2017

About Terra4m

Terra4m is a multi-player co-op game on PC setting in space.


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